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Rule Properties panel

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The Rule Properties panel is automatically expanded when you select a rule in the Documents, RuleSets and Rules tree view.


Rule Properties panel

Rule Properties panel

You can edit the values in the panel, and the changes will be automatically saved.


ID : The read-only internal index of the rule in the rule set.


Ignored : If this is ticked, then any issues associated the rule will not be visible in the Issues window unless the Show Ignored Issues is selected.


Name U : The universal name of the rule, which must be unique in the rule set.


Catagory : The category of the rule, which will be displayed in the Issues Window.


Target Type : Selected from a combo-box, which contains the humanized version of the Visio.VisRuleTargetType enumerator, allowing the target to be set as Document, Page or Shape.


Description : The description of the rule, which will be displayed in the Issues Window


Filter Expression : Must evaluate to True to pass through to the Test Expression.


Test Expression : An issue will be raised if this evaluates to False.